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20 January 2014

Christmas 2013 

Phil & Jenny hosted the family gathering at their new home. The home that was formerly owned by Anne & family, so it was like old times. As always, it was a great time to see & catch up with everyone.
Thanks to all the Bartelme family for the great food & time.

Pictures from Bob, Greg & Pete. Check them out. Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

12 November 2013

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2013 Fall Campout 

For our 41st year we decided to try the 900 area camp ground again. The area is more secluded and quiet but the ranger still found us and hassled us for being too loud. The temperatures ranged in the mid 70's to low 40's at night. A great time. We had 12 families represent the chili dump. We missed Sara & Wayne.

Pictures from Greg, Bob,Vince & Pete. Check them out. Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

03 October 2013
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Dennis Doyle 70th and Wayne Adler & Richard Bartelme 60th Birthdays
September 1, 2013 

On September 8th 1943, Dennis was born to  Thomas Doyle & Sophie Gorski. Dennis married Chris Bartelme in 1988. On August 1st 1953, Wayne was born to Henry Adler & Gisella Hann. Wayne married Mary Bartelme in 1977. On September 9th 1953, Richard Bartelme was born to Claude & Margaret Bartelme. September 1st 2013 was the day to celebrate these 3 oldsters special birthdays. A party was held in their honor at Lake Ellen. A great turn out and great food.
Check out the Photo Gallery.

Joe Bartelme's 70th Birthday
June 23, 2013 

On June 26th 1943, Joseph Peter was born to Claude & Margaret Bartelme. On June 23rd 2013, a party was held in his honor to celebrate his 70th anniversary. It was a great day for a a party. Joe's childhood friend Joe Melter joined us for the celebration. We also took this occasion to celebrate Logan Bartelme's 4th birthday.
Check out the Photo Gallery

Theresa Bartelme & Joel Schulteis Wedding
June 22, 2013  

On June 22nd 2013, Terri Bartelme married her grade school friend Joel Schulteis. It was a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful bride. Joel is one lucky guy.
Check out the Photo Gallery

Pictures from Greg, Bob, & Pete. Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

18 April 2013
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Margaret Bartelme's 94th Birthday 

This year the party was on Saturday 6th April at her apartment complex. There was a great turn out & plenty to eat and talk about. The weather was cool & rainy but the sun managed to come out for a brief time so the kids could trash my truck.
Looking forward to her 95th.

Pictures from Greg, Angie, Bob, Wayne & Pete. Check them out. Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

10 January 2013
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Christmas 2012 

Patti once again hosted the Bartelme Christmas Gathering on Dec 29, 2012. As always, it was a great time to see & catch up with everyone.
Thanks to Patti and all the Bartelme family for the great food & time.

Pictures from Bob, Greg & Pete. Check them out. Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

04 December 2012
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2012 (40th) Fall Campout 

40 years later and we're still doing it. A lot has changed and a lot has not. Spending time with family & friends can not be replaced. The Fall Campout has always offered us the opportunity to experience a great time and create precious memories.
This year the Campout took place from Oct 4th thru the 7th. The temperature started off mild on Thursday but quickly turned cool & windy. Temps ranged from the low 30's to the upper 40's. The chili dump was represented by 11 families.

Pictures from Greg, Angie, Tim & Pete. Check them out. Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

05 September 2012
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Mary Adler's 60th Birthday 

Mary Rose Bartelme Adler was born on August 16th 1952. On this her 60th year of life, a party was held at the Bartelme Resort on the 18th of August in her honor. It was a great day and good food. We grilled 3 turkeys. It was along time ago since the family was all together.

Pictures from Greg, Angie, Joe & Pete. Check them out. Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

01 May 2012

Margaret Bartelme's 93st Birthday 

A party was held in her honor on Saturday 7th April at her apartment complex. There was a great turn out. As always there was plenty to eat and talk about. The weather was mild so the younger ones could play outside. The newest Bartelme Mason was a big hit.

Pictures from Greg & Pete. Check them out. Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

2 June 2010
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Alivia Adler's 1st Birthday 

Alivia celebrated her 1st birthday with her Dad, Grand parents & her Aunt. The party was held in Sheboygan at Wayne & Mary's.

Sara sent some pictures. Check them out. Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

30 April 2010
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Margaret Bartelme's 91st Birthday 

This year, Mom's birthday fell on Easter Sunday. A rare occurrence. A party was held in her honor on Saturday 3rd April at her apartment complex. Over 50 Bartelme Family members attended. As always there was plenty to eat and talk about. The weather was pleasant so the younger ones could play outside. The 3 youngest Bartelmes' were in attendance.

Pictures from Bob, Sara, Greg & Pete. Check them out. Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

11 February 2010
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Christmas 2009 

As in the past years, Patti hosted the Bartelme Christmas Gathering on Dec 26, 2009. Snow made the ride to Milwaukee's East side a slippery challenge, but over 50 Bartelme members gathered for the festivities. The main treat was the 3 new great grand children of  Mom.
Thanks to Patti and all the Bartelme family for the great food & time.

Pictures from Bob, Sara, Greg & Pete. Check them out. Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

3 December 2009
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Fall Campout Oct 2009 

The 37th Annual Fall Campout took place October 1st thru the 4th. We had a few less people this year as some had to go to Florida and some couldn't hack the weather. The weather wasn't that bad as temps ranged from 37 to 58 degrees. We had rain on Thursday & Friday, but never a washout. No sun to speak of and we might have seen the full moon briefly during our late night experiments. We had 10 families contribute to the chili dump and we almost finished the 7 gals.
Like the prodigal son, Chris Palasz and his friend Adam joined us. It was great to see him.

There were a lot of pictures taken by Greg, Tim, Vince & Pete. Here are some of them (100). If you would like a hi res copy of any let me know.  Check them out.

Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

5 August 2009 
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Maxwell Phillip Bartelme July 31, 2009 

On July 31, 2009, Maxwell was born to proud parents Jenny & Phil Bartelme .

Max came into our lives at 7 lbs 7 oz  and 21 inches. 

 Here are some pictures  - check it out!

Send congratulations to Jenny & Phil

30 June 2009 
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Logan Michael Bartelme June 28, 2009 

On June 28, 2009, Logan was born to proud parents Anna and Dustin Bartelme .

Logan came into our lives at 8 lbs 2 oz  and 19.5 inches. The report is that he has red hair!

 Here are some pictures from Dustin & Anna - check it out!

Send congratulations to Dustin & Anna
Snail mail
2809 Andes Dr. Apt #3
Madison WI 53719

19 May 2009 
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Margaret Bartelme Celebrates 90 years

On April 4, 2009, a surprise party was held in Sheboygan WI to honor Margaret (Becker) Bartelme 90th Birthday. Many of the Becker & Bartelme family members attended. Mom's 92 year old brother Frank came from Henderson NV. All together there were 113 family members. We had a great time and the food that was supplied by everyone was superb. The time we had was too short for everyone to connect with all the relatives. Hopefully we will be doing this again in 5 years.

Mom was so grateful for all the attention and is still talking about it. Thank you all for helping to make this celebration such a success.

There were hundreds of pictures taken by Joe, Chris, Vince, Greg, Sara, Carla, Dustin & myself. I narrowed it down to about 100 pictures for the slide show. Check it out. We have a DVD of Mom's life that was running during the party as well as a CD with all the pictures of the Becker Family . If you would like a copy, let me know and I will send them to you. If you want a copy of the pictures in Hi res, I can send them also. Too big to email or download!

Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

3 May 2009
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Alivia Marie Adler April 25, 2009 

On April 25, 2009, Alivia Marie was born to proud parents Michael Adler and Melissa Grunow .

Alivia came into our lives at 7 lbs 11 oz  and 21 inches.

 Here are some pictures from Mary - check it out! If you want to download the complete set in hi res (13 mB) click here

Send congratulations to Melissa.
Snail mail:
1415 St. Clair Ave. 
Sheboygan WI   53081

23 February 2009
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Bob Bartelme Celebrates 60 years

Robert Leonard Bartelme was born on February 11, 1949 to Claude & Margaret Bartelme.

On Feb 7, 2009 this old man celebrated his 60th birthday with a great party held at his house in the West Bend area. They even let Joe out of the old folks home to come to Wisconsin to help party.

Here are some pictures from the party taken by Joe, Vince, Greg & myself. I created a DVD of the event. If you would like a copy, let me know and I send it to you. If you wart a copy of the pictures in Hi res, I can send them also. Too big to email or download!

09 February 2009 
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Dustin Bartelme & Anna Achten Wedding

Anna Achten married Dustin Bartelme on January 24 2009. Their beautiful daughter Lily was the flower girl. The wedding took place at "The Gates of Heaven" in Madison, WI. The Gates of Heaven, built in 1863, is the fourth oldest surviving synagogue building in the nation. The reception was held at the home of Richard & Carla.

Here are few pictures from the Wedding & the reception. If you want to download the complete set in hi res (22 mB) click here

Send congratulations to Dustin, Anna & Lily.
2809 Andes Dr. Apt. #3
Madison WI 53719

23 January 2009
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Christmas 2008 

Patti hosted the Bartelme Christmas Gathering on Dec 27, 2008. In addition to the water seeping into her basement from the unusual foggy December rain, 50 Bartelme members swarmed into her home. We are very grateful for her hospitality.

Lily Bartelme celebrated her 2nd birthday on the 27th.

Here are a few (50) pictures from the wonderful day . Check them out. I created a DVD of the grand event. If you would like a copy; contact me, I'll send it to you.

24 December 2008 
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Fall Campout Oct 2008 

The 36th Annual Fall Campout took place the 1st weekend in October. This year we occupied 10 campsites and had over 40 people attend. On Thursday we had rain but the remainder of the weekend was dry with frosty mornings and cool days.

There were hundreds of pictures taken and it has taken me a bit of time to narrow it down to about 200 pictures for our web site. I created 9 separate slide shows to divide the pictures up into categories. Check them out. I did not put any high resolution downloads on the site due to the size. If you want a copy of the pictures in hi res; contact me, I'll send you a CD.

22 August 2008 
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Jackson John Bartelme August 19, 2008 

On August 19, 2008, Jackson was born to proud parents John Bartelme and Danielle Gordon . Jackson came into our lives at 6 lbs 11 oz  and 19.5 inches.

 Here are a few pictures from JT - check it out! If you want to download the complete set in hi res
(5 mB) click here

Send congratulations to JT & Danielle.
Snail mail:
4706 Ivywood Tr.
McFarland, WI  53558

28 April 2008 
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Joseph Bartelme April 25, 2008 

On April 25 2008, Joseph was born to proud parents Greg & Kimberly. Joe came into our lives at 8 lbs and 21 inches.

 Here are a few pictures - check it out! The Slide show has more pictures than what's on the page. If you want to download the complete set (21 mB) click here

Send congratulations to Greg, Kimberly and Adam.

22 April 2008 
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Margaret Bartelme's 89th Birthday 

On April 5 2008, a party was held at Mom's apartment complex to honor her 89th birthday. It was the first really nice day of spring with sun and temperature at 70 degrees. There were still a lot of piles of snow, but nobody saw them. Mom's complex has a community dinning room with 2 patio doors. The doors were open and people were in and out all day. The young adults had a good time drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. We had a great turn out and great food. Thanks to everyone for their contribution.

A lot of pictures where taken by Greg, Dustin, Bob & Sara. . Here are some (2 pages worth) - check it out! The Slide show is on the 1st page. If you want to download the complete set (13 mB) click here. If you don't want to download then, I'll be happy to send a CD. Let me know.

Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

15 April 2008
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Christmas  2007 

Here are some pictures from Christmas at Patti's. There are some nice family pictures. I'm not sure who took them, but Thanks! Check them out.

15 April 2008
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Fall Campout Oct 2007 

The 35th Annual Fall Campout took place the 1st weekend of October 2007. As it turned out it was by far the warmest campout we've ever experienced. It was more like August than October as shorts and sandals were the clothes of choice over the layers of winter wear. It was first time in 35 years that the hike to the beach meant swimming.

Marty took a great bunch of pictures. Check them out.
Down load the complete set in higher resolution.

11 Jan 2008 
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Lily Bartelme's 1st Birthday 

On Dec 27 2007, Lily Bartelme celebrated her first birthday. Lily is the daughter of Dustin Bartelme & Anna Achten. Carla Bartelme wrote a letter to Lily for her birthday. Here it is.

Happy First Birthday Dear Lily

   How wonderful it has been seeing you grow from a totally dependent nugget into a seeker of skills and independence.
     I cherish our one day a week together when you come to grandma and grandpa's house.  
Of course you have had your special activities.  Before you could walk you'd like me to take you outside to see the parking sign-you enjoyed looking at the front and back.  Then we would go over to the lock on the shed-you liked to touch and hold the lock.  Then it was off to the mailboxes, where again you were drawn to the locks on the mailboxes-so round, and in a pattern.  Later you became interested in the numbers, and smiled when I read them to you, as you pointed-one to one correspondence and other math and reading skills.  The rock with its little puddle was the last stop on our daily field trip. 
     Inside the house, you learned to take an active role in your education by pointing to things and places you wanted to explore.  Grandpa would sometimes join us for lunch, and you turned some of your first pages in a book on his lap.  You developed a fine pincer grasp, and have excellent motor skills.  You drew your first picture here with red and green washable markers, and you were very pleased as you discovered that you made your marks.  However, the artist in you gave way to the mechanical engineer, as you became more interested in putting on and taking off the marker caps!  You twisted and pulled, astounding.
     Once you began to walk, there was no stopping you.  You wanted me to go with you with my fingers for support as you cruised around the living room/kitchen circle, and then the stairs!  I tried to teach you to crawl up the stairs, but you didn't seem interested-you wanted to go upstairs the way grownups do-alternating feet!  You were so short that you had to lift your leg sideways just to get your leg over the threshold of the stair.  This difficulty did not deter you.  In fact, you became more determined than ever to master the skill.  It was hard physical work, and you repeated this journey up and down the stairs several times a day. .  You have now gotten to the point of wanting to carry a toy in one hand as you climb the stairs.   You would love to be able reach the railing for yourself, but I have to lift you. Some day you will be able to climb the stairs and hold the railing at the same time-you'll keep trying until you do.
You are so fortunate to have such a loving family and friends to love you, and we all wish you a wonderful year ahead.  Every day you are a precious gift to open and cherish.  I love you always,

 Grandma Carla

See the pictures of Lily's adventures.

Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

7 July 2007
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Adam Bartelme 1st Birthday

Adam celebrated his 1st birthday with his parents Greg & Kimberly (often refered to as Grimberly) and many of the Bartelme family on June 3rd 2007. The party was held at the Bartelme Resort. The day provide a good deal of rain but eventually cleared in the later part of the day.

Grimerbly hosted 28 adults and 12 small adults. The food was great and the company even better.

Here are a few pictures of the boy.

Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

25 May 2007
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Christopher Wayne Bartelme & Janet Iwata's Wedding

Janet Iwata and Wayne Bartelme were married on May 12th 2007.

The wedding was held at the house of friends of theirs, on the east side of the west Maui Mountain a few thousand feet above the ocean.  As you can see in some of the pictures it is a steep drop off into the ocean not too far from their house.  The entire event was outside; under a tent and around the outside of the tent.

Chase was the best man, and Janet's sons Jordan and Davin (Davin has the buzz cut) gave Janet away.  In the pictures, the white flowers of the ring were gardenias (Janet's favorite) and the red are Bougainvillea.

The food was Japanese style cooking on a hot plate.  They had several different meats and fish: beef, chicken, scallops, shrimp, and lobster.

Next year Jordan will be attending Chaminade University of Honolulu.  He will be playing on their varsity soccer team, NCAA, Division 2.

Davin is attending University of Hawaii.  He is presently on the varsity football team.

Joe took some pictures . Here are some - check it out! If you want to download the complete set in Hi Res (10 mB) click here. If you don't want to download then, I'll be happy to send a CD. Let me know.

Send your congratulations to Wayne & Janet 

Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

7 May 2007 
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Margaret Bartelme turns 88 years young

It was April 4th 1919, when Margaret Louise Becker was born in Two Rivers WI to Louise & Frank Becker. To some she is known as Mom, to many others is known as Grandma, Grum or Great Grandma.

On April 7 2007, a party was held at Mom's apartment complex to honor her 88th year of being a special person. With Easter the next day the party definitely had an Easter/Spring theme. We had a great turn out and great food. Thanks to everyone for their contribution.

A lot of pictures where taken by Greg, Dustin, Bob & Pete. . Here are some (2 pages worth) - check it out! If you want to download the complete set including some not on the picture pages (12.5 mB) click here. If you don't want to download then, I'll be happy to send a CD. Let me know.

Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

30 March 2007 
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Pete Bartelme turns 60

On February 5 1947, Peter David Bartelme was born to Claude & Margaret Bartelme. It happened at the end of a major blizzard that crippled the city of Milwaukee for weeks. Mom tells me that they finally plowed their street on Feb 4th.

On Feb 10 2007, Bob hosted a party for Pete at his home in the West Bend area.  There was a great turn out to celebrate this old man's 60th year of survival. Thanks to everyone  and special thanks to Bob & Marilyn for hosting the event.

Pete, Joe & Greg took a few (ok a lot) of pictures. Here are a few - check it out! If you want to download the complete set (4.5 mB) in Low res click here. If you would like a set in Hi res, contact me and I'll send you a CD.

Want to read a story about the Blizzard of 47??  The Home movies are cool!!

Any comment, corrections or additions; please let me know.

2 Jan 2007
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Lily Katherine Bartelme

On December 27th 2006, Lily Bartelme was born to the proud parents Dustin Bartelme & Anna Achten.
Lily weighed in at 7 lbs, 10 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Lily is currently still in the hospital due to jaundice, but should be home with Dustin & Anna shortly.

Enjoy some pictures! Contact Anna & Dustin

1 Nov 2006
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Luke Wayne Bartelme

On October 28th 2006, Luke Bartelme was born to the proud parents Paul & Danica.
Luke weighed in at 9lbs, 7 oz and is 21 inches long.

Enjoy some pictures! Contact Paul & Danica

25 Sept 2006
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Tim Bartelme & Sue Stannard Wedding

Sue Stannard married Tim Bartelme on August 26th 2006. Sue has 2 children Nickolas & Meghan. The wedding took place at a quaint church "The Gardens" north of Allenton WI while the reception was held at Memories near Port Washington.

Here are few pictures from the Wedding & the reception. If you would like to see more pictures or get some copies at higher resolution contact Tim. Enjoy!

21 June 2006
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Adam Gregory Bartelme

On June 4th 2006, Greg & Kimberly Bartelme became proud parents to Adam Bartelme

Here are some pictures. Enjoy!


22 March 2006
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Greg & Kimberly's Wedding

On Feb 18 2006 Greg Bartelme & Kimberly Van Duser got married in Las Vegas. Kimberly's sister Laura and her fiancé Dean joined them in Vegas.

Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

15 November 2004
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The Bartelme Family Book is available

The Bartelme Family Book (2004 Edition) is now available for On Line viewing or for download.  For On Line viewing, click on the link in the left column. The download is a large pdf file (60 megabytes) and may take some time to download if you have dial up like me. I can make a copy of the book on CD and mail it; if you send me your snail mail address. Included with the download is a Help document that will hopefully explain the book format. There are still a lot of family members to add to the book and everyone's help is appreciated. Old and new digital pictures will enhance future editions. If you can get any digital copies of old photos, we can add them to the Photo Gallery chapter. Old & new wedding pictures, family group pictures, etc will only insure a permanent record of our family history. Also very important to our history are the "stories" and "factual information" about our family. It is these stories that make the family and give us a sense of connection. As you read the book, you will see how stories / information make the book. Please send me any and all the  factual information as well as family stories so we can include them in future editions of the book.

Special Thanks to Mary Kay Schultz for her vast research into our family.

I have also added 2 links in the left column to other Bartelme Family web sites. Check them out.

Any correction, please let me know and I'll get them changed.

10 June 2004
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Richard Bartelme & Wayne Adler turned the big "50"

On August 1 1953; Wayne was born to Henry & Gisella Adler and on September 9,1953; Richard was born to Claude & Margaret Bartelme. Wayne married Mary Bartelme on Sept. 2 1977. Wayne & Mary live in Sheboygan WI. Wayne is a chemist for Aldrich Chemical in Sheboygan Falls. Richard is married to Carla and he manages Felly's Greenhouse in Verona WI were they also live. On August 31 2003, a party was held at the Bartelme Resort to honor these 2 fine old men who reached the 50-year milestone. We had a great turn out with great weather. 25 older adults and 11 young adults help celebrate and consume the 20 lb of prime rib along with tons of additional food. Joe and Diane flew in from San Diego to help usher these old men into the "over the hill" crowd. We were also honored with a the presence of a newly acquainted Bartelme cousins, Lisa Bartelme Hurley and her 2 children Miranda & Ross. Lisa, who has a twin Lori, is the Director of the Plymouth WI Chamber of Commerce and lives with husband Tony near the cottage in Adell WI. Lisa's father Glen is a first cousin to Claude (Dad). Glen lives in Manitowoc and operated Bartelme Plumbing for many years. (Contact Lisa)
Thanks to everyone for a great time

Here are some of the pictures that were taken at the party. If you want to download the complete set of photos, click here  (2.8 MB)

Any comment, corrections or additions to this story; please let me know.

25 February 2004

The Bartelme Family Calendar goes On-Line

You can now access the Family Calendar on line by clicking on the link on the left column of this page. You can view each month as well as download a printable copy (PDF) month by month or the whole year.

As special event come along, please let me know and I'll add them to the calendar.

12 January 2004
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Joe Bartelme turns the big 60 on June 26th 2003

On June 26 1943; Joseph Peter was born to Claude & Margaret Bartelme. On June 25 2003, a delegation of Bob & Marilyn, Mom, Wayne, Mary, Sara & Mike Adler and myself headed to San Diego to help Joe celebrate. Joe & Diane were gracious host and showed us the best of times. Our trip include the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, La Jolla beach, Mission Ridge canyon, Coranado Island, first Catholic church in California, tide pooling, Ocean Side boardwalk and Torry Pines State Park. We managed to also spend some time with Paul, Danica and their beautiful son Jacob who was born a week earlier on the 18th of June. Danica's mother hosted our crew for a great barbecue and birthday celebration on Sunday 29th. The trip was a great time and one that will not be forgotten.
Thanks to everyone for the great hospitality

These are just a few of the pictures that were taken by Bob, Wayne, Sara and myself. If you want to download the complete set of photos, click here  (4.4 MB) If you are interested in a CD full of pictures contact Bob or myself.

Any comment, corrections or additions to this story; please let me know.

October 2003

Newest Addition:  Kassidy Hope

05 November 2002
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Mary Bartelme-Adler turns 50 years young

On August 16 1952; Mary Rose  was born to Claude & Margaret Bartelme. On August 17th 2002; a party was held to celebrate her 50th birthday. It was held at the Butler Inn on the west side of Milwaukee and was a complete surprise to Mary. Her girl friend got her there under the guise of taking her out for her birthday. It was a great turn out, including Joe flying in from San Diego.
Thanks to Bob, Sara & Wayne for setting up the party.

Take a look at the pictures. If you want to download the complete set of photos, click here  (2.7 MB)

Any comment, corrections or additions to this story; please let me know.

08 November 2001
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The Spanish Flu - 1918

A young wife and mother with two children ages 2 & 10 months, has been fighting the flu for days. She starts to feel better as she struggles to take care of her family and home. Caring for her own sick children makes the simplest task a major undertaking. After a few days she has a relapse, her lungs fill up with fluids and she dies.

A young soldier has just completed training camp and set sail for Europe to assist in the campaign against Germany. He takes ill on the trip over and dies before he reaches foreign shores. His body is shipped back to his parents.

A recent graduate of the University of Michigan signs up to assist in the war effort. His knowledge of radios helps him to assist in the effort of testing new radio types used on aircraft. He catches the flu and appears to have a mild case.  A short time later he has a relapse that severely weakens him. He leaves for the family cottage with his twin sister to recuperate. He never came home alive.

A 12-year-old girl and her 10-year-old sister look through a frosty window and sing a song all the kids are singing.

I had a little bird
Its name was Enza
I opened the window,
And in-flu-enza

They wonder when school will start again, as it has been several weeks since they were last able to attend.

In December 1918 the Wisconsin State Board of health declared that the Spanish Flu would "forever be remembered as the most disastrous calamity that had ever been visited upon the people of Wisconsin or any other states." The damage done by the flu was staggering. Between September and the end of the year, 8,459 Wisconsin residents died of the flu. Another 103,000 flu related disabilities were reported. More Wisconsin residences died in four months of the flu than were killed in World War 1, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam Conflict combined.

The epidemic was not limited to Wisconsin. Globally over 20 million people died from the pandemic. That's more than the total number of soldiers killed in the 4 years of the World War 1. It is estimated that as many as 800,000 Americans died. Some experts believe that the total death rate may even be as high as 60 million. Many of the deaths were never reported in third world countries.

Strangely the epidemic never received much notoriety. No great disaster such as the Titanic sinking or armies clashing on a French beach. The flu was a silent and deadly killer. It was spread by means of coughs, sneezes and human contact. The fact that the flu struck at the close of World War 1 made it take back seat in the headlines of the newspapers. The majority of the flu reporting was in the obituaries. It is believed that the flu was named "The Spanish Flu" because Spain, being neutral during the war; first started reporting about its deadly spread.

What made the Spanish Flu different and deadly was the rapid onset and the dire complications. In a matter of mere hours, a perfectly healthy person would become so weak they could not walk. They complained of severe aches in their muscles, joints and head. Fevers reached 105 degrees. Victims laid bedridden and exhausted. For many the symptoms passed in 4 or 5 days, although the cough persisted for several weeks. The disease was highly contagious. It was spread by contact with sick individuals. It was unique in that it was an airborne virus and could live for several hours if not exposed to sunlight.

While most flu takes their toll on the very young and the very old, the Spanish Flu did it biggest damage on the men and women in their prime - between the ages of 25 and 40. There was no cure. The only effective treatment was 2 weeks of bed rest. That is why so many of the young people died from the flu. After several days they would feel better and try to resume their normal daily lives of working or caring for family. This was what was expected of them. In many homes, exhausted mothers struggled to care for sick children; while in others, not one adult was well enough to cook, clean or tend to sick & dying. Not fully recuperated, they would develop pneumonia and cyanosis. A condition where the lungs fill up with a thick blackish liquid and would usually kill within 48 hours.

Wisconsin tried to be proactive in preventing the spread of the deadly disease. On October 10, the State Health Officer ordered all boards of health to close all schools, theaters, and any other places where people gathered. Many schools were closed for 6 to 8 weeks. Even Catholic churches were closed. A rare event to not be able to attend church, even on Sunday.

The flu took it toll on the economy as well. Stores, saloons, theaters, and even some factories were forced to close. For months profits did not exist. Churches suffered from the lack of 7 weeks without collections.

It is strange that even today very little is known about the flu. In the last couple of years through DNA improvements, much more is being found out about the deadly flu.

I believe the Spanish Flu had a great impact on our family. The young mother of two and wife to my grandfather Peter Bartelme was Julia Neumann Bartelme. She died at the age of 24 on October 30, 1918. She left behind my father Claude, age 2 years. The young soldier that died on his way to serving our country was George Simonis, Grandma Becker's brother. He was 24 years old when he died on October 22, 1918. The young engineer that died by his twin sister's side was Eugene Alfred Bartelme, one of our many cousins. He was 24 years old. The young girls captive in their own house are Evelyn and Dolores Becker. Neither of them came down with the flu.

Picture of Julia Bartelme
Printable copy of this story (pdf)

References:Wisconsin and the Great Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918; Steven Burg
Various Internet Sites
Photo courtesy of Kate Neumann

Any additions, corrections or changes; please contact

20 August 2001
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Evelyn Becker Vert 95th Birthday

I have known Aunt Evelyn all my life. I remember all the trips to Wolf Lake and the great times we had at Evelyn & Joe's cottage. We spent many long hours playing in the water and taking speedboat rides with Cousin Dick. Those are time that many of the Becker clan will never forget. I moved to Fond du Lac 32 years ago and will always remember the advice I received from Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Joe about where to live and things to do. After Uncle Joe's death, I became closer to Aunt Evelyn with each passing year. Vince, Greg and Angie grew up calling her Grandma Evelyn. She is always there when we need her.  For many years we celebrated her birthday at Lake Ellen. Last year, we moved the celebration to Fond du Lac with a quiet dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. I am so happy that this year we were able to do it on a grand scale for her 95th birthday.

The party took place, Sunday the 15 of July, at her parish hall. Despite the fact that it was in the 90's and the hall was not air conditioned, the party was a great success. I never thought so many of the Becker family would attend.  There were a total of 95 people at the party; with 90 of us related. Evelyn was joined by her Brother Frank, sisters Dolores and Margaret, her Grandson Patrick Vert from Texas and 28 nieces, nephews, and the rest from the next generations.

It was a great time and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was, however, too short on time for everyone to kindle old and new relationships. I hope that this web site and the attached photos will help to keep the family connected.

 For those of the family that could not attend, we missed you and hope that this information will help you feel like you were there.

Please visit the photo pages. Take your time. There are a lot of them, but they're worth it. I added the names to all of the family group pictures and to the group of cousins. If you want to download the complete set of photos, click here (3.5 MB).

Here is a copy of the guest book. I took the liberty of re-typing it, as it didn't scan in very well. It's in pdf format, so you need Acrobat Reader free from Adobe.(Get Adobe Acrobat Reader)

The following is a tribute to Evelyn Becker Vert that Uncle Frank wrote.

Born July 16, 1906, probably at home, then at 1317 16th St.

Attended St. Luke's school and Washington High.

Vice-president of Sophomore Class, known as Evey.  1922 year book Neshotah lists her chief occupation as speaking in declamation contest.  "Aim to be - minister's wife".

In senior year was president of Twin River Players.

Was Senior class representative in a declamatory contest, describing "The Finish of Patsy Barnes".  Alas!  No record of her winning.

Senior Class Play, "Turn to the Right", had Evelyn playing Jessie Strong, reported as a "leading part to which she proved equal".

Meanwhile, Dolores was involved in instrumental competition playing the trombone solo, "The Call of the Sea".  What!  No piano?

Was among 48 graduates from Washington High School on June 17, 1924.  Her Neshotah for 1924 is in the museum at St. Luke's convent.  She graciously donated it when cousin Marie Gruman/Goedjen reported that year missing from the collection.  Look it up to find what good things her classmates had to say when they signed it.

After high school went to Chicago for training as a beautician.  Opened her own shop at 10th & Washington in Manitowoc and operated it until her marriage.

Married Joseph Vert, a baker and widower, March 30, 1940.  She helped raise his son, Richard, who was four when they married.

Worked in bakeries with Joe when he began to run his own establishments.  Joe died in 1970 of an apparent heart attack while fishing.  Evelyn has lived alone in the Fond du Lac home ever sine.  Some 31 years!

Printable copy of Uncle Frank's Tribute (pdf)

Special Thanks to Frank Becker, Margaret Bartelme, Joe Bartelme & all the rest that helped to make this a memorable day.
Special Thanks to my friend Leo Stephany for taking pictures.

Any additions, corrections or changes; please contact

2 July 2001 (Updated 22 Aug)
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Sara Adler & Dustin Bartelme Graduate from High School

Sara Adler is daughter to Mary Bartelme & Wayne Adler. Sara graduated from South High in Sheboygan WI on June 3.  She was accepted to several college/universities but has enrolled at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa which is close to Cedar Rapids. She did get a partial scholarship to Cornell. She wants to double major in Creative Writing and Illustration.  She was a member of Art Scream an art club through school.  Her outside interests are the environment, drawing and writing. 

Dustin Bartelme is son to Richard and Carla Bartelme. Dustin graduated from High School in Verona WI. Dustin is still contemplating his career. He is currently working for Felly's Greenhouse. His interest include ceramics. He has done a number of unique pieces. Hopefully we'll have some pictures to post in the near future.

Info From Carla (4 July 2001)

Pierced, tattooed, and buzzed (buzz-cut, that is), Dustin is ready for the world. "Don't expect too much, and you won't be disappointed," is the philosophy he recently expressed. "Am I glad that high school is almost over?!? Oh, yeah! Instead of having to go to school everyday, I have to go to work everyday!!! Real fun. Leave me alone!."
We're just back from vacation in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, where Dustin exhibited a great deal of strength and agility, as he hoisted a canoe overhead for portages, lugged coolers and crates to and from the car; as he leaped effortlessly over fences and other obstacles--he amazed me often. Dustin brought along a guest on our trip, Andrea, a foreign exchange student from Chile. They became good friends at school and share interests in art and music. He's been learning Spanish, and they've been planning a rendezvous in Chile some day. We've even been invited!
And, speaking of rendezvous, Dustin just loved his recent trip with Angie, Pete, Greg. He has shared many stories, and now has his own slab of oak for hawk throwing. He's been speaking of skinning animals. We repeatedly tell him that he may not skin our cat!!
Last semester, Dustin worked lots of hours at Felly's Greenhouse. He's had retail customer service, and production experience, and is happiest when he can listen to his tunes. He likes rock and roll, reggae, and hip hop music best.
There is no mistaking when Dustin is home--the heavy boomp-a-boomp-a of the heavy base, throbbing it's vibrations throughout the house, shaking pictures off the walls. Dustin! DUSTIN!! DUSTIN!!! Richard and I often joke about the radar Dustin's friends must have. As soon as Dustin arrives home from anywhere, the phone rings, and keeps ringing. He has an endless array of friends who come and go at all hours. Obviously, he is well-liked.
Sculpting a Life 
The one thing that Dustin has found as a valuable-take-it-with-me experience from high school is working with clay. It has become his passion--so much so that he is taking a summer course offered through the high school! He has had some of his work displayed at school and recently in a gallery in Oshkosh.
Dustin has always had an artistic/creative ability, drawing all kinds of things from Ninja Turtles in his early years, to skeletons and chameleons today. He has designed many table top fountains. A favorite theme of his is his pet chameleon, Chen Zen, who has appeared on several fountains so far. He has been working with a buddy of his, Jerry--they hope to develop a business together.
Dustin has a quick wit, a wry sense of humor, and a great deal of talent. We love him and know you do, too. Let's wish him a "Happy Graduation!"

We added a page of pictures of Sara & Dustin. Check it out!!

Any additions, corrections or changes; please contact

21 March 2001
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A good portion of our lives were spent in Milwaukee. Here is a little history of the city that  so many of us grew up in and call it our Home Town

The Making of Milwaukee

Milwaukee like all early Wisconsin cities was a by-product from the fur trade. It's network of rivers, access to the Great Lakes and abundance of diverse geography, made it a perfect location for the fur trade. Although it was not among the earliest cities such as Green Bay and Prairie du Chien, several European fur traders were in the area by the early 1800s.

Milwaukee got its name from the Algonquin Indians that lived in the area and used the network of rivers for food and furs. The rich legacy that nature bestowed on this area caused the natives to name the region "Man-na-wah-kie" meaning the good land.

In 1817, a British census reported that 1,000 people were in the Milwaukee area, It was describes as a land of marsh, tamarack, swamp and extensive stands of timbers. Indeed, it was a land of marsh and tamaracks. The tamarack is a conifer (evergreen) that likes damp sites. It is unique in that it loses its needles in the fall. The mouth of the Milwaukee River supported huge stands of tamaracks. The tannic acid found in its bark is used for tanning furs and hides.  The tamarack became an important part of the history of the city. When settlers first started arriving in the area around 1830, an active tanning business sprung up. The abundance of furs in the area and the availability of tanning supplies made a great combination. By 1879, Milwaukee was the largest tanning center in the world and exported $4.3 million worth of tanned hides. It was also the 4th largest meat packer in the US.

Water also played an important role in the making of Milwaukee. The network of the Milwaukee, Menominee, Root Rivers and Oak Creek made the area perfect for early water travel. The mouth of the Milwaukee River made an ideal harbor. Much of the success of the city may be traced to an early settler's impractical dream. Byron Kilbourn had a vision of linking a canal between Milwaukee and the Mississippi River. He started his project in 1838, but was forced to abandon it 4 years later, having dug only 1 mile. However, the canal may have been the key to an active seaport. The dam at the start of the canal also provides a handy source of waterpower. Industries sprung up along the mile stretch. Grain became one of the key exports from the city. By 1863, Milwaukee was the leading grain shipping port in the world. That year it shipped 140,771 tons of wheat, corn and barley. This also points out that farming to the north, south and west was very productive. (Picture of the The Milwaukee River 1909)

The bluffs along the Milwaukee River were full of cool clear spring water that early residence used for drinking and cooking. This water along with the abundance of grain spurred a new brewing industry from the heavy influx of German immigrants. By 1850 more than 1/3 of 20,000 residence were from Germany. The first beer made in Milwaukee was produced by 3 Welshmen in 1840. The first lager brewery was opened by Herman Reuthlisberger in 1841. In 1889 the Phillip Best Company changed its name to the Pabst Brewing Company. It was now under the leadership of Captain Frederick Pabst and was the nations largest brewery. By 1902, the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company surpassed Pabst to become the largest brewer in America. Frederick Miller had the third largest brewery. Together the breweries led Milwaukee to US dominance of the beer industry for many decades.

The same bluffs along the river that provided clean water provided hand dug caves that were used to store the many kegs of beer. Ice cut from the river in winter and stored in the caves allowed the beer to be shipped long distances. A byproduct of the caves was magnesium and calcium rich clay that was used to make the bricks that went into many of the buildings. The light colored clay produced a distinctive brick that was described as the color of the September clouds - they were called "cream" and gave birth to the cities nickname "Cream City".

Milwaukee started out as 3 villages. In 1818 Solomon Juneau established an American Fur trading post on the east side of the Milwaukee river (Juneautown). In 1834 Byron Kilbourn settled the west side (Kilbourntown) and George Walker settled the south side (Walker's Point). By 1842 the population soared to 2,700, with 800 building, 12 inns and 50 stores. Competition for business and settlers was fierce between the villages. In 1845 the bridges between the 3 villages were destroyed. War was about to break out but cooler heads prevailed and the leaders concluded that few outsiders would come to their location if such a feud were under way. A truce was declared and in 1846 the 3 villages joined to become the City of Milwaukee. Solomon Juneau was elected the first mayor of the city, which now was 7.3 sq. mile large. When Grandpa Frank and Grandma Louise Becker moved to Milwaukee in 1900 there were 285,000 residence. A strong sense of work and abundance of jobs brought thousands of immigrants to the city. The original German and Irish settlers were joined by the Poles, Serbs, Hungarians, Italians Greeks, Czechs and Hispanics. Milwaukee was always know as the city that works and for many decades was well known for its global business importance. (Milwaukee Poster 1903)

Was it the tamaracks, the bricks, the water or the beer that made Milwaukee? It was a combination of them all along with a deep heritage of working people that made Milwaukee.

Lakeside Legacy - Eric Lucas
Milwaukee: At the Gathering of the Waters - Harry Anderson & Frederick Olson

(Printable copy of this story)

I found a Gazetteer of Wisconsin from 1853. You can learn a lot about the people and the times from reading it. See an excerpt from it on Milwaukee - 4 pages

Any comment, corrections or additions to this story; please let me know.

02/22/01 (Updated 15 March 2001)
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Frank T Becker is the father to Margaret (Mom) Bartelme

Grandpa Frank T Becker - The life of a foundry man

Frank Theodore Becker (picture of Grandpa Becker) was born on Nov 9 1873 in Manitowoc WI. Frank was the middle of 7 children to Frank X Becker and Catherine Ramian. After attending St. Boniface School and later public school in Manitowoc, Frank began learning the foundry man's trade by accepting a 4 year apprenticeship at the Richard's Iron Works in Manitowoc at the age of 17 in 1890. His starting wage was 3 cents an hour for a 60-hour week. Overtime was at the same rate. (Grandpa's apprenticeship contract)

Frank completed his apprenticeship in Dec. 1894. He then pursued a career as a moulder; working for companies in Geneva IL, Port Washington and Milwaukee. He must have kept ties with Manitowoc / Two Rivers for on Nov 14 1900 he married Louise Simonis, a member of a prominent early Two Rivers family.

Frank & Louise lived in Milwaukee for the next 4 years and had two boys during that time.

In 1904, Frank and his brother Michael started a business named the Becker Manufacturing Company. It is believed that Michael had the up front money and Frank had the technology and foundry skills. Michael's background was that of cigar manufacturer. They rented the building of the former Conrad Werra foundry at 1701 12th street (map). The Werra foundry was started in 1894 but was discontinued four years later. Frank and Michael purchased the building in 1905. At that time the building was 110' X 70' and had one furnace. Shortly after that they added an additional 45' X 45' to the building, a traveling crane and a second furnace. It was reported that they turned out first class work.

On Jan. 1 1919, the Becker Manufacturing Company was incorporated with a capital stock of $25,000. Frank was president and Grandma Louise was Vice President and Michael was Secretary - Treasurer. A few years later Michael left the business and became Post Master General of Brillion. It is said that Becker Lake is named after him. Frank bought his brother out in 1945.

Over the years the business grew. In 1911 an addition to the plant was made and in 1923 it was again enlarged, this time being practically rebuilt. The business started off making general castings and as an iron job shop. Over the years they made products for many of the area businesses. They did work for the Mirror Co. and Hamilton Industries. For Hamilton they made the cast iron tables that were used for printing in the early 1900's. They also made pistons and engine blocks for the Kahlenberg Brothers Company, who made marine engines for many years in Two Rivers. Kahlenberg has been located directly across the street from the Becker Manufacturing Co. since 1907. (Kahlenberg Bros. now produces horns for boats and yachts and propellers for larger boats.)

During World War 2, the Becker Manufacturing Co. was 100% dedicated to the war effort and at that time had 11 employees.

I know they made some toys including cast iron banks. Both Aunt Evelyn and Aunt Dolores have cast iron animals and a miniature wood stove made in the foundry.

Uncles' Hugo, Roland, Clarence, Edward & Paul all worked for some time in the business. Uncle Frank says that he occasionally worked there on summer breaks, but it was only to keep him out of trouble. Many of the cousins, especially Uncle Hugo's boys worked in the foundry. Some are still in the trade today.

Grandpa Frank Becker died March 17, 1959 at the age of 85.

The foundry closed in the early 1970's due to changes in the environmental laws that made keeping the operations open not feasible.

(Printable copy of this story) Any comment, corrections or additions to this story; please let me know.

Special thanks to Uncle Frank & Steve Becker.


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Hello to the Bartelme Family. I have added the pictures from our family outing on September 3, 2000 held at the Bartelme Resort on beautiful Lake Ellen. It was a great day. It was partly sunny and warm with a high temperature of 82.  The following day (Labor Day) was cloudy and only 65 deg. There were 30 adults and 12 young adults. As usual; there was more than enough food. It was great to see as many of the family as that together. We missed all of you that could not make it.

Side note: it was the Packers opening game and they lost to the Jets!!! 


Happy New Year  from Pete (Eastman). I'll be helping Phil maintain this site with new and hopefully interesting family news. It will be my goal to provide something new every month (we'll see!!). Of course I will be enlisting every one of the Bartelme  family to contribute by providing any and all news & information to me. I can be reached at

One of my objectives is to promote our family history. As months unfold; I will occasionally insert stories about the family. Some will be current and some will be about our history. Stay tuned. I will be e-mailing the Bartelme Family after every up-date.

Stay connected.

Old News for 2000
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